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Sunday, December 5, 2010

~ In my mailbox ~

last week I didnt have the time to blog very much, and I havent got any new books this week as most of the ones I want I've put on my Christmas list and dont want to double up. So I've decided to do a IMM for last week. So last week was my last week of school and me and my friends gave our Christmas presents to one another. We all love reading alot, so we worked out that we would all get three books and another thing from one another.

So last week IMM I reieved The second and the third books from the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton. And also got the third shifters book 'Pride' by Rachel Vincent this I was really excited about as I absolutely love this series. Although I was supposed to get the first to the Anita Blake series, but my friend couldnt find it. So I'll probably have to go buy it eventually or I wont be able to read the series for some time. 

So far I am about three quaters through Rogue and it's fantastic Im loking forward to writing a reveiw on it, its just as exciting as the first. And I cant wait to finish it and start the next one. Unfortunately the forth one doesnt come out until January so I'm proprebly going to have withdrawl symptoms with out having to read the next one, hopefully its not a cliff hanger... fingers crossed.  :)


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