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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vampire Academy MOVIE

Iv'e been hearing rumours about the paranormal romance novels 'Vampire Academy' by Richell Mead, being turned into movie, I thought it was just a few gossip stories but no, they will be turning it into a movie. the year exactely is unsure but the actors are being chosen now. I have mixed feelings about the book being taken to the screen. after veiwing twilight i can say they ruined the book for me, the acting (from my veiw) i thought was terrible, and i dont want to see that happen to one of my favourite series. I usually dont like books being turned into movies, books are about using your imagination. Although if they can pull the movie of, then this will be good news. the books were fantastic and if the producers can make it just as good (good acting would help) then the movies are sure to be a hit.

So anyway my friend just sent me this picture and its a movie poster for the film, she is unsure as to wether it is the acttual one as she is posotive that Odette Yutsman will play the role of Rose, but she has found others that have different actors for Dimitri, Lissa etc. heres the poster.

So tell me what you think... are you for or against the Novels becoming a movie??? id love to hear your oppinions. :)

happy reading <3



  1. Just stopping by to let you know how pretty I think your blog is and to give you THIS!

    BTW...I'm always excited to see a movie based on a book. I have this amazing ability to ignore the fact that I've read the book and try to critique the movie on it's own merits. That's not always easy but I do try :)

  2. Hi. I am the maker of that movie poster. I am asking if you can please take this down or add a source link to my LiveJournal. In my post I specifically said people can take the image as long as they leave credit, which is why im asking. I already had someone mis credit the poster. Thank you!